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20 December 2018 @ 09:00 am

If you're a friend of mine from "real life", please respect my wishes and close the window now. You're not meant to come here :)
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So I'm currently doing the 365 Photos challenge. I can still say that because it's day one, and I have taken one photo.

full size at my flickr

Depending on how it goes I'll put weekly updates here, probably within other posts so as not to spam.

Story behind today's picture: I have a lighter. It has 'Cricket' written on it. I sparked it whilst taking photos left-handed using my brown bedroom wall as a backdrop, and the result hasn't been edited. It really does make sparks and smoke in a split second - very cool.

Hope everyone's had a lovely start to the new year; so far my three mini-resolutions are going very well. ♥
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music: i just realised i haven't had any music on for about an hour and a half :|
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25 August 2010 @ 12:30 am
You want to click this cut. It'll load, slowly, but you want to see this. Patience is key to becoming ~zen.

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music: i have listened to tik tok like 49 times in a row now.
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Title: Prism.
Word count: 1,311.
Summary: For this prompt at inception_kink. What does Ariadne create when she's stuck in limbo?
Notes: I kind of struggled with this, but I really like how it turned out. I would seriously appreciate any criticism or comments anybody can offer, because right now I am just reading this over and over and getting frustrated with myself.

Most importantly, this one's for mellamonaranja and roccapriori who were kind enough to cheer me on when I needed it and they didn't even know it was me. ♥

After college starts again, all Ariadne dreams of is a PASIV device.Collapse )
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I'll say one thing (to add to the massive load of bad reviews I have found, and read delightedly):

How often are lions and lambs hanging out in the same part of the world anyway?


Oh yeah. More importantly?

I met Rich Fulcher in my little coffee shop the other day. He was nice and drank green tea.
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